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Measurabl’s Response to COVID-19 & the Current Crisis

Dear Customers, Partners, Friends – actions Measurabl has taken to ensure we perform for and support you during these uncertain times are detailed below.


First and foremost, our Team is resolute in ensuring zero diminution of your service. 

Specifically, Measurabl has always been geared toward flexibility, so the systems, communication mechanisms, and resources required for our global Team to work from home effectively were already in place and will remain so indefinitely. As a software business, we are in total control of system uptime, updates, and new feature releases, so you will see no interruption on these fronts. Lastly, because no one knows the duration of this crisis, we will leverage our significant capital base to ensure we continue to not only meet but exceed your expectations throughout these challenging times.


Fortunately, by their very nature, technology services are resilient to disruptions in physical supply chain and personnel. But while Measurabl is in an excellent position, we recognize our partners and customers may not be similarly situated. We are here to help

Just as we did when uncertainties about the future of ENERGY STAR surfaced, I have reached out to our friends in the ESG ecosystem to extend our expertise, technology assets, and other resources should they require. If the real estate ESG ecosystem falters, we stand ready to bolster it.


Sustainability flourished during the Great Recession, despite predictions to the contrary. I believe that trend will repeat and ESG will extend its importance as a means of outcompeting for investor dollars, securing discerning tenants, and reducing risk to your business. On that note, I wish you well and encourage you to reach out to me or our Team if we can be of help during these difficult times. 

Matt Ellis
CEO & Founder, Measurabl

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