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What Measurabl solves for building owners

Collect data, set targets, analyze performance, create investment grade reports and identify opportunities to improve. Measurabl is an all-in-one ESG solution for building owners that helps resolve a wide variety of regulatory and market-driven pain points.

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“We’re consistently finding gaps and spikes in data. Measurabl tells us one of two things, something’s missing, or out of whack at the property.

Ben Myers

VP, Sustainability | Boston Properties
data driven target tracking

Set targets and track progress toward sustainability goals

Determine which buildings are heavy emitters, which buildings are ahead of goal, and what actions can be taken if necessary to get back on track. Whether absolute, intensity, or legally mandated targets, Measurabl’s targets functionality empowers data-driven decisions at the portfolio and building levels, making it easy to understand where to allocate efforts to achieve long-term goals. 

Target Setting

Analyze progress toward customizable sustainability goals via absolute, intensity or legally mandated targets.

Trends Analysis

Obtain data driven proof of projects and processes that produce positive results, or those that may need reconsideration.

Building Performance Benchmarking

Benchmark building performance against others of their kind to conduct analysis and gain insight.

GRESB Reporting and Sustainability Disclosure

Compile and optimize sustainability data to submit GRESB assessments with simplicity and ease.

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Important features for building owners

With a portfolio of buildings whose energy, water, waste and carbon performance you need to track and manage, Measurabl serves as your central ESG data clearinghouse. Integrate data from other leading corporate real estate systems, set and manage targets, analyze trends, and disclose results to leading frameworks like GRESB and CDP.

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How Real Estate Can Adapt and Prepare for Climate Risks

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Measurabl is founding partner of the GRESB data quality initiative to define guidelines for high quality ESG data and increase investor confidence.

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VMware deploys Measurabl as its single source of ESG truth for tracking built environment sustainability projects across locations around the world.

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Boston Properties

Boston Properties is one of the largest owners of Class A properties in the United States and uses Measurabl to collect and manage ESG data.

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