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How VMware uses Measurabl to track sustainability projects across their Silicon Valley corporate headquarters

VMware powers the world’s complex digital infrastructure with cloud networking and security, digital workspace offerings and an extensive ecosystem of partners. They are committed to being a force for good, from breakthrough innovations to their global impact.

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“We track sustainability projects in Measurabl. It’s a place where we can easily describe them, talk about the savings – how much it cost, when it happened.”

Natasha Tuck

Senior Sustainability Manager | VMWare

Sustainability Manager, Natasha Tuck, had a background in real estate so she knew the ins and outs of green buildings, but she needed better data. 

She needed the site managers — the people most familiar with the data of their office — to have a consistent way of tracking their resources and projects.

Tuck came to the Measurabl platform after realizing that VMware’s current sustainability software was too complex for the day to day operations necessary to achieve consistent, optimal data quality. 

Measurabl’s simple interface helped VMware collect data and visualize progress, while also providing granular insight into the performance of each of their sites. Because their sites must contend with different municipal laws, and landlords with different ESG agendas, centralizing all their locations to Measurabl meant that each could contribute to VMware’s sustainability objectives in a way most useful for them. 

Furthermore, armed with a single source of ESG truth, the sustainability team at VMware can now identify gaps and anomalies in data coverage to focus in on areas of improvement.

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Where VMware is going from here

Measurabl is just part of of VMware’s aggressive sustainability goals. Yet the platform plays a role in helping the company report its many successes. 

One such success was VMware’s qualification for the CDP A-list in 2017, an achievement that only 2% of companies that report to CDP can claim. In 2018, they became Certified Carbon Neutral two years ahead of schedule – which they attribute to a wide range of renewable energy projects and investments in sustainable developments, many of which they track on Measurabl. This was followed by the company reaching their 100% renewable energy goal. 

With their own buildings on track, VMware is now focused on net positive projects, which offset more resources than they use.