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Smart sustainable real estate investments require granular, data-driven insights, but publicly available ESG data is not sophisticated enough to satisfy investor demands. Measurabl takes a consistent, objective approach to providing asset- and company-level ESG data that you won’t find anywhere else.

Measurabl offers Data products tailored to your specific needs

Asset-Level Data

Our database of 15 billion square feet of real estate data powers a machine-learning model that estimates sustainability data for virtually every building in the world, with high accuracy.*

By providing just a few building attributes, you’ll gain insight into energy consumption and carbon output, green building certifications, and ordinances. You can consume the data via a flat file or through APIs, which allow you to easily integrate Measurabl with your existing applications.

Asset-Level Data supports many ESG-related activities, including:

  • Risk management: Incorporate climate risk data into decisions on approving, renewing, or passing on investments.
  • Sustainable products: Create new investment products based on ESG and climate-related risks and opportunities.
  • Regulatory compliance: Incorporate granular ESG data on real estate investments to improve your own voluntary or mandatory disclosures.

Powered by Measurabl’s Asset-Level Data and climate risk data from S&P Global, Climate Due Diligence Scan is an on-demand, standardized climate risk scan that allows anyone to run a third-party due diligence report for any commercial building in the world by providing just four building attributes.

These instant scans enable users to assess risk for property transactions through an organized, easy-to-read report that supports a multitude of use cases including:

  • Direct real estate investors looking to add an asset to their portfolio
  • Financial institutions evaluating risk or opportunity of lending against a specific property
  • Insurance companies trying to assess if premiums should be impacted by a building’s ESG performance

Listed Data

Measurabl aggregates its asset-level data to provide company-level ESG data for all companies in the FTSE EPRA Nareit Developed Index.

We don’t just scrape the surface: Measurabl provides the most complete and comprehensive ESG data for top real estate companies in the industry. You can make informed decisions using the most reliable, up-to-date company-level information available.

This data adds value to a number of initiatives. Here are some of the ways that finance and data professionals benefit from Listed Data: 

  • Product innovation: Use our in-depth insights to create low-carbon investment products.
  • Smart decision-making: Glean insights to make more informed investment decisions.
  • Risk assessment: Take a more objective approach to determine the weight or inclusion of a company in an ESG index.

Key Data Points

Energy Use and Carbon Output

Measurabl’s proprietary machine learning models produce energy and carbon estimates with high accuracy.

Physical Climate Risk

Measurabl has integrated global physical climate risk data to calculate asset-level exposure to heat stress, earthquakes, flooding, and other factors related to climate change.

Exposure to Local Ordinances

Governments are increasingly imposing carbon caps and energy efficiency requirements on real estate. Our data helps you determine how these laws affect properties and portfolios.

Green Building Certifications

Find out whether properties have earned green building certifications such as LEED and BREEAM, which indicate that they have met specific environmental, energy, human health, and other standards in their design, construction, and performance. For Listed Data, we calculate the percentage of a company’s portfolio that is green-building certified

What's So Unique About Our Data?

Measurabl provides information you won’t find anywhere else. We deliver comprehensive data that is:
Our proprietary machine-learning model provides reliable estimates powered by the largest ESG real estate database available. You get exclusive, unique data not found anywhere else in the industry.
Measurabl delivers updated ESG data on a monthly basis. No more decision-making based on last year’s data. Instead, you can leverage estimates based on the most current information available.
Our data is constantly quality assured within our SaaS-based application, increasing the validity and trustworthiness. 
Our data begins at the asset level, which gives you greater visibility into the climate performance of potential property investments.

Learn how you can benefit from best-in-class real estate ESG data. Contact Measurabl today.

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