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ESG data solutions for tenants

Set sustainability targets, reduce your carbon footprint, and power disclosure

ESG solution points

What Measurabl solves for tenants

There are plenty of hurdles to running a sustainability program – and a lot involves the intricacies of owning and leasing real estate. Measurabl makes measuring, managing, disclosing and acting upon ESG real estate data simple, time-saving, and powerful.

We’re asked to file a number of sustainability reports and can’t seem to implement a good system for this time-consuming process. We want to simplify the reporting process for the disclosure we must provide.

Measurabl offers sustainability reporting automation and flexible reporting features – along with adaptive survey tools – that simplify the sustainability reporting process and gives time back to your team.

We’d like to improve our brand equity and achieve transparency about ways we are improving our sustainability practices to engage our customers, stakeholders, and the public.

Measurabl supplies highly accurate data necessary to explain sustainable practices, pinpoint problem areas, and report on your current ESG performance. You can also track individual projects and goals to communicate your progress to your stakeholders.

My sustainability team doesn’t have access to the data we need - it often sits with operations, accounting, or another team. We need more data sharing across our organization to implement data-driven sustainability projects.

Measurabl is an easy-to-use SaaS platform that provides a centralized location for your entire team’s ESG data. You are able to provide individuals with different permission levels to track, manage and act on utility data.

Our company announced an aggressive goal to reduce carbon emissions by 30% by 2030, but we don’t have a way to track our progress toward that goal.

Measurabl’s Targets tool empowers you to track absolute and intensity based targets, ensuring that your efforts across your company contribute to the common goal of emissions reductions.

I want to implement meaningful change across our organization. I didn't know I'd spend 80% of my time on data collection and reporting.

Measurabl can automate and quality-assure ESG data points. You can delegate access to team members to input qualitative data such as sustainability projects and building certifications. All this information is then automatically populated into reports for investors. This gives you back to do what you want to do – implement meaningful change.

We want to reduce our water consumption by 25% in the next 5 years, but we don’t know where to start.

Measurabl empowers you to keep all your water consumption data in one place and gives you tools to analyze areas of high consumption. Leverage site- and portfolio-level trends to identify the greatest areas for opportunities to reduce your water consumption and track reduction year-over-year.

Sales Force White

Measurabl is like a secret weapon for the sustainability manager.

Patrick Flynn

SVP Global Head of Sustainability at Salesforce
increase brand value

Power corporate sustainability reports with nonfinancial data

The right nonfinancial data can significantly influence market perceptions, boost public goodwill and increase total brand valuation. With Measurabl’s enterprise-level ESG data management capabilities, you can collect, track, and supply quantitative and qualitative sustainability data that stakeholders can use to best convey your brand story to shareholders and the market at large.

LEED and BREEAM Certification Detection

Advanced geolocation automatically pulls in your existing building certifications.

Sustainability Project Creation and Tracking

Easily create and track a range of energy efficiency and/or health and wellness projects.

Project Reporting Across Building Portfolios

Compile reports that categorize and summarize sustainability projects for all of your assets.

CDP Disclosure and Custom Data Exports

Provide high quality ESG reports to brand stewards, investor relations, and other key stakeholders.

enterprise level ESG

Important features for tenants

Connect your people and locations globally to a single source of ESG truth. From there, track progress toward targets and report your results out to global ESG frameworks such as GRESB and CDP.

Target Setting

Analyze progress toward customizable sustainability goals via absolute, intensity or legally mandated targets

Trends Analysis

Obtain data driven proof of projects and processes that produce positive results, or those that may need reconsideration

Sustainability Project Tracking

Choose, define and describe sustainability projects to be tracked at both building and portfolio level


Auto detect and monitor ENERGY STAR scores and certification status to keep pace with state and local regulations

CDP Reporting

Efficiently disclose sustainability and carbon data to CDP's climate change questionnaire

CSR Reporting

Compile and export customized data for use in annual corporate sustainability reports and quarterly disclosures
customer success story

How VMWare leverages Measurabl to track sustainability projects across their enterprise

measurabl in action

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Measurabl has supplied automated utility data transfer and a central place for project metrics to track sustainability data at Salesforce Tower.

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Boston Properties is one of the largest owners of Class A properties in the United States and uses Measurabl to collect and manage ESG data.

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CBRE is a longstanding leader in sustainability reporting, and boasts more than 6,000 buildings that are tracked in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.

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