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Partnering with the City of San Diego on the 2030 Districts Initiative

The City of San Diego is an official partner of the 2030 District, a high-performance building community that unites the private sector with urban building industry leaders around a shared vision for sustainability and economic growth.

Measurabl provides a unified benchmarking platform for tracking the sustainability performance of all Districts, which include cities like Toronto, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, and Dallas. Participating municipalities aim to reduce energy, water and transportation emissions 50% by 2030.

City of San Diego

“Measurabl provided an opportunity for the business community to really lead and the city to take a back seat and just provide support.

Cody Hooven

Chief Sustainability Officer | City of San Diego

As the largest city in the US with a Republican mayor, the Office of Sustainability pitches initiatives different from their peers. It’s about leveraging the growth and success of the San Diego business community to create social equity and environmental action. Their appeals focus on job creation in the sustainability sector, and energy efficiency as precursor to business resilience. Not only is San Diego committed to reducing carbon emissions 50%, but the city also has a projected 100% clean energy deadline of 2035.

“Say ‘Yes’ to everything,” is San Diego Chief Sustainability Officer Cody Hooven’s mantra. In any sustainability program, she believes the best strategy is the one that grows and evolves with the organization it serves. Thus San Diego’s decision to join the 2030 Districts Network was part of a grand vision to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions on multiple fronts.

San Diego, like most Southern California cities, struggles with an urban plan designed around cars, making it particularly prone to tailpipe pollution. Cody knew that in order to reduce carbon emissions by 50% in an ever-expanding city, she would have to get creative, and address not just cars, but also commercial office buildings.

community involvement

Measurabl Partners with LEARN Academy to Support Career Transitions to Technology


Partnering with ULI and Measurabl

The City of San Diego was thereby thrilled that the 2030 Districts Network was partnered with the Urban Land Institute (ULI) Greenprint Center for Building Performance to help coordinate efficiency strategies across the public and private sectors. Through Measurabl, ULI Greenprint’s official data management and benchmarking platform, Cody and the City of San Diego have achieved a better understanding of the carbon footprint of its private local buildings, and in turn formulated mitigation strategies that encompass efforts by the community as a whole. 

For Measurabl, the relationship is especially fruitful and meaningful at a local level. The company is also a member of Cleantech San Diego – an organization committed to advancing sustainable solutions – who is also actively involved in 2030 Districts. And as a San Diego-based company, the founder and many of its employees are residents and graduates of UCSD.