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Accelerate Your ESG Strategy

Decarbonize your portfolio and improve operations with Measurabl Asset Optimization.

Your goals require real-time, building-level insights

Whether or not you’ve set decarbonization or net-zero goals, increasing regulatory requirements and demands from investors and tenants mean that reporting on your ESG data may no longer be enough. What you need are action and results.

Measurabl’s Asset Optimization—trusted by the industry’s leading real estate firms—provides real-time, building-level insights, operational efficiency recommendations, and tools that empower real estate teams to go beyond reporting and improve their ESG performance faster.

Measurabl helps us understand our buildings better than ever. Rather than bolting on yet another app, their platform integrates into our operational workflow, making it simple to identify, prioritize, and implement improvement strategies that deliver real value.

Al Scaramelli
Managing Director

Boost Asset Performance

Harness the data you already have to rapidly benchmark performance, identify opportunities for expense reduction, and streamline reporting for tenants, ownership, and operations alike. Surface the highest value opportunities to onsite teams, helping them quickly identify and eliminate costly waste.

Empower Operating Teams

Centralize portfolio-wide performance to eliminate information silos and keep disparate teams aligned, productive, and on target. Provide your team with powerful tools to easily define accurate budgets, identify and explain variance, and maximize recoverables.

Improve ESG Scores

Drive portfolio-wide ESG performance through collaboration with property teams on the selection, implementation, and verification of energy initiatives. Simplify annual reporting with a centralized view of property performance, projects, and achievements.

“As a global owner and operator of world-class assets, it’s critical that we adapt our operating approach to the unique needs of each property. Measurabl’s versatility across our portfolio-collecting bill data, meter data, and equipment information-enables us to deliver above expectation.”

Chad Engle
Vice President — Corporate Engineering

customer success story

Nuveen Optimizes Building Performance with Fast Payback

Measurabl delivered timely savings recommendations to help Nuveen lower their operating costs.

How it Works

Thousands of real estate teams rely on Measurabl’s Asset Optimization for the data and tools they need to meet performance goals. So how does it work?

Leverage the data you already have

The platform collects, normalizes, and certifies data from disparate sources—utilities, commodity meters, sub-meters, building equipment, IoT sensors, and more.

Access building data from one platform

The data is then rolled into one, holistic view—flexible enough to let users customize strategies for individual assets, yet powerful enough to provide visibility into an entire portfolio’s performance.

Let our platform do the work for you

Trained on more than 40B hours of real-time data—the most comprehensive data set in the industry—our analytics engine monitors 24/7 to identify and prioritize the highest value opportunities for improvement.

Empower teams to take action

Intuitive, operator-friendly tools quickly translate building data into action. With teams aligned and supported, both property owners and operators can drive more value in less time.

Achieve sustainability goals faster

Easy-to-use SaaS tools combined with expert support from Measurabl’s advisory services team set you up to get closer to your net-zero goals.

all-in-one decarbonization platform

Drive Data-driven, Continuous Improvement

By providing real-time transparency into your buildings’ performance, Measurabl empowers your teams to get ahead of costly inefficiencies in buildings, track and verify carbon impact in real-time, and make building operations best-in-class.

  • Automate, collect, and verify building data to support sustainability initiatives
  • Receive automatic, quality recommendations to improve building performance
  • Pinpoint opportunities for efficiency by the hour and day
  • Provide net-zero verification of DERs and carbon impact
  • Identify and understand root causes of operational inefficiencies
  • Calculate cost and carbon savings from platform-recommended actions
  • Easily access 3+ years of historical data to support M&V

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