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Investment grade ESG data management and disclosure.

The easiest and most reliable way to communicate sustainability performance to your stakeholders
enterprise level ESG

Take control of your ESG data management

Data science, machine learning and an expansive reporting database ensures that your ESG data management is powered by unparalleled quality and accuracy.

Target Setting

Manage and carefully track your progress toward customizable sustainability goals via absolute, intensity or legally mandated targets.

customer success story

MLB + Measurabl: ahead of the game

Over 20 MLB teams use Measurabl to measure, manage and report sustainability metrics at their stadiums. Learn how our platform helps power exciting MLB initiatives like the Green Glove Award.
measurabl features

All-in-One ESG data management

Measurabl offers a wide range of features and functionality to power sustainability  measurement, management and reporting for your building portfolios.

Physical Climate Risk

Understand your buildings’ exposure to environmental threats like hurricanes and heat stress so you can take action to protect assets across your portfolio.

Utility Sync

Sync electricity, water and waste data at the meter level. Bulk upload, bill scan or autocollect online from 1,000s of utilities


Import utility data directly to and from Energy Star Portfolio Manager and eliminate manual errors for good

Custom Meters

Support a full range of renewable meter types such as on- and off-grid solar.

LEED/BREEAM Integration

Pull in geolocated certification data from LEED and BREEAM, or send data into ARC for easy LEED application

Waste Management Integration

Obtain waste performance data and diversion rates for a full picture of your sustainability performance

Building Data Standardization

Standardize and sync building data between a variety of CRE and sustainability tracking systems

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Calculations

Determine carbon and greenhouse gas emissions as a function of energy usage at asset and portfolio levels

Data Integrity Monitoring

Advanced algorithms work to resolve temporal coverage gaps and identify meter overlaps

Building/Portfolio Data Profiles

Command a complete 360° view of building/portfolio data for superior sustainability/ESG data analysis

Data Dashboards

View a range of data cards such as 12 month trailing energy, water and waste usage or scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions

Target Setting

Analyze progress toward customizable sustainability goals via absolute, intensity or legally mandated targets

Trends Analysis

Obtain data driven proof of projects and processes that produce positive results, or those that may need reconsideration

Sustainability Project Tracking

Choose, define and describe sustainability projects to be tracked at both building and portfolio level

REC's Tracking

Track renewable energy certificates to demonstrate green energy usage and help lower your carbon footprint

Custom Certifications/Ratings

Enter additional or nonstandard certifications and ratings pertinent to your assets for tracking and reporting

Weather Data Normalization

View current energy usage assuming 30 years of average temperatures for optimized one year over next analysis

Occupancy Data Normalization

Adjust energy usage by normalized occupancy to power streamlined and insightful year to year comparisons

Building Performance Anomaly Detection

View auto identified building data for assets whose energy performance falls outside defined benchmarks

Portfolio Performance Anomaly Detection

View buildings at the portfolio level whose energy performance falls outside standard benchmarks

Building Performance Benchmarking

Benchmark building performance against other buildings of your type and class across specified geographies

Portfolio Performance Benchmarking

Benchmark portfolio performance against others under your management to conduct analysis and gain insight

Compliance Detection

Auto detect and monitor if a building is subject to local and state ordinances such as New York City's Local Law 97

Step by Step Compliance Workflows

Pursue building energy and water compliance through easy workflows that will help keep you free of fines

Utility Connection Alerts

Receive alerts when utility accounts become disconnected so that you can start the reconnection process

Utility Spike Alerts

Receive alerts when your utility accounts show unusual spikes in energy usage to help pinpoint causes

Ordinance Exposure Alerts

Receive alerts when your geolocated assets are exposed to new ordinances at city, county or state levels


Auto detect and monitor ENERGY STAR scores and certification status to keep pace with state and local regulations


Sync key electricity, water and waste usage data with ENERGY STAR for ongoing reporting capabilities

GRESB Reporting

Compile and optimize sustainability data to submit GRESB assessments with simplicity and ease

CDP Reporting

Efficiently disclose sustainability and carbon data to CDP's climate change questionnaire

CSR Reporting

Compile and export customized data for use in annual corporate sustainability reports and quarterly disclosures

Energy Usage Reports

Run customizable energy usage reports to support your specific reporting demands and mandates

ESG Foundations

Learn the basics of ESG with a two day training seminar plus an add on package of first rate sustainability consulting

Ordinance Filings

Let us take care of the paperwork by preparing and submitting your building data to the proper authorities

Scope 3 Emissions

Calculate your transportation GHG emissions and total carbon footprint with this popular consulting add on

Award Winning Support

Our customer success team is at the forefront of ESG data management and will help you every step of the way

Enterprise Security

Our platform runs on AWS (amazon web services) within secure data centers and offers two factor authentication

See how Measurabl helps drive ESG outcomes at Salesforce Tower

Patrick Flynn, Vice President of Sustainability for Salesforce, explains how Salesforce Tower is one of the most sustainable buildings in the world
data-driven target tracking

Set targets and track progress toward sustainability goals

Determine which buildings are heavy emitters or high performers and identify necessary actions to get on track.

Set absolute, intensity or legally mandated targets to empower data-driven decisions at the portfolio and building levels, making it easy to understand where to allocate efforts to successfully achieve long-term goals.

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