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Measurabl is the leading ESG data management solution for commercial real estate

Imagine what you can accomplish with access to time-saving automated data capture, on-demand reporting capabilities, and verified service providers to help you manage ESG—all in one place.

All-in-one solution for ESG

Measurabl offers a wide range of features and functionality to power sustainability measurement, management, and reporting across your entire real estate portfolio. At Measurabl, we’re continuously adding new features to develop a scalable ESG solution that will grow with our customers’ needs. Here’s a look at what we currently offer.

Data Automation

Sync and centralize ESG data from disparate sources and ensure the information is accurate with automated anomaly detection and error resolution

Performance Tracking

Record and track historical environmental performance metrics, utility costs, projects, audits, and certifications

Target Setting

Set both broad and granular absolute and intensity-based sustainability goals and track progress toward them, year over year

Customized Reports On Demand

Build customized ESG reports at the portfolio and asset level to elevate ESG achievements to stakeholders

Physical Climate Risk Insights

Gain a better understanding of physical climate risks and opportunities that affect your real estate portfolio

Benchmarking and Certification

Disclose to voluntary benchmarks like GRESB and CDP as well as entities like ENERGY STAR and the U.S. Green Building Council (LEED certification)

On-Demand ESG Services

In addition to its industry-leading software platform, Measurabl offers access to a menu of low-cost, high-quality services so they don’t have to spend time shopping around for trusted vendors or comparing pricing.

Measurabl eliminates the guesswork by alerting users in our application when certain assets are eligible for services like ENERGY STAR Certification and Benchmarking Ordinance Submission, then connects them with qualified providers. Customers can add these services to existing Measurabl subscriptions, and Measurabl guarantees successful delivery.

Take sustainability to new heights

Commercial real estate industry firms are finding that data-backed ESG performance has gone from a “nice to have” to a business requirement. But it’s difficult to keep up with investor and stakeholder demands when your data is trapped in spreadsheets and your team is bogged down with manual, outdated processes.

Measurabl is a tech-founded approach to ESG management, giving users the ability to skip the data-crunching and focus on making improvements that will truly move the needle in their sustainability performance.

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