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Insightful and timely articles surrounding our company, the topic of sustainability, all things ESG and the future of the built world

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Third-party reviews check the veracity of ESG information so investors...
Sustainability and Climate Risk are Top of Mind for Real Estate Investors
Heitman’s Laura Craft weighs in how ESG data guides investment...
How ESG Data Helps Real Estate Companies Confront Climate Risk Head-on
Leading building managers and real estate investors have realized that...
COVID-19 Changed the Way We Think About ESG. What Does this Mean for Investor Disclosure?
To live up to investor expectations of disclosure after the...
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2020: The Year ESG Became Impossible to Ignore

As we reach the end of a year that felt like a decade, it’s important to note something positive for the future of business and of humanity: The undeniable feeling that ESG is beginning to reshape the way we do business, and that crisis can be a powerful force for change.

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