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You Submitted Your GRESB Assessment… Now What?

A free, personalized GRESB Score Analysis can help you improve your ESG performance.

Every year, real estate companies around the world submit data about their ESG (environmental, social, governance) performance. This includes everything from energy consumption, to health and wellness policies, to organizational goals. After analyzing each assessment, GRESB releases scores of each fund’s performance relative to its peers.

After the scores are released, each fund must digest its results and determine how to improve its ESG performance. The question always remains: How do you decide what actions to take so you can improve?

Measurabl is here to help. A debrief with one of our experts on GRESB can provide you with key insights and ways you can improve your ESG performance. Taking a targeted approach can make a huge difference and help you stand out among your peers.

This assessment is available to Measurabl customers who have purchased Report Filing Support. Not a customer yet? That’s okay—we’re offering this service to non-subscribers for a limited time.

Schedule a GRESB Score Analysis today

What is a GRESB Score Analysis, and why do I need one?

Our analysis will provide you with a detailed explanation of your score. We’ll help you: 

  1. Better understand the areas of the assessment in which you outperformed your peers
  2. Identify areas of improvement best suited to your organizational needs and goals
  3. Plan strategic changes to your process to ensure you maximize ESG efforts 

To ensure you’re positioning your company for success, you only benefit from having a deeper understanding of your fund’s performance and process. No fund will receive a perfect score, so there will always be ways to advance your ESG efforts. 

Why should I choose Measurabl for a GRESB score analysis?

Measurabl is GRESB’s global partner and data partner. In 2022, we helped users submit more than 240 GRESB Real Estate Assessments for industry leaders and novice reporters. Through the breadth and depth of this work, we understand how to help customers improve their approach to ESG. In fact, our users on average saw an 8-point increase in their scores in 2021 compared to the prior year.

Our free, no-obligation analysis gives you the opportunity to compare your current approach to newer methods of collecting data and disclosing it to GRESB. Each fund approaches this process differently, but a second viewpoint can provide a different perspective on ways to improve. Ultimately, GRESB is a way to compete with your peers, so why not see how the leaders in your peer group are managing ESG data?

We know firsthand that submitting a GRESB assessment is a massive undertaking, and you want to see optimal results from this effort. We want to help our customers improve their scores and, ultimately, see a huge return on investment.

Why Shorenstein takes a data-driven approach to ESG

What are the next steps?

After you contact us to schedule your score analysis, here’s what you can expect. 

  1. Securely share your GRESB benchmark report

The GRESB benchmark report offers a breakdown of your assessment so we can better understand your strengths and opportunities for improvement. We keep these reports confidential and do not share your results with anyone else. 

Need additional security assurance? We have an NDA ready to go, but we’re happy to talk through privacy concerns with you as well. You’re under no obligation to share this information immediately – we can answer any of your questions before we begin the process.

  1. Measurabl experts will analyze your GRESB scorecard

Our team has helped clients submit more than 500 GRESB Real Estate Assessments. As we have been deeply involved in our clients’ work and our partnership with GRESB, we are well-positioned to provide deeper insights into the opportunities for your organization.

  1. We’ll meet with your team one-on-one 

After a thorough analysis of your scorecard, we will schedule a meeting to better understand your GRESB reporting process. Our team of experts will meet with your internal stakeholders to provide detailed feedback including an analysis of data gaps, areas in which you excel, and ways to improve. 

Ready to take the next step in your ESG performance? Schedule your meeting with our experts today.

Are you a current Measurabl user? Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will reach out to schedule a time for your thorough score analysis.