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ESG solution points

What Measurabl solves for capital markets participants

Automate the collection of green building certifications, ESG-related building regulations, and physical climate risk data. Measurabl users can also store and tag ESG documentation related to commercial real estate (CRE) loan collateral. 

On-demand, property-level ESG and climate data for CRE lenders

As the world’s largest asset class, real estate may significantly contribute to your risks and opportunities. Measurabl centralizes ESG and localized climate data across your commercial real estate (CRE) loan portfolio to inform monitoring and risk management, loan due diligence and servicing, lending product innovation, and climate-related financial disclosure. 

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Gain valuable insights across your CRE portfolio

With just an address and basic building information, Measurabl delivers physical climate impact, certification history, and energy and carbon regulatory status to CRE debt providers. Armed with these insights, lenders can enhance risk assessment during lending due diligence and ongoing portfolio monitoring, innovate scalable and repeatable green finance products, better measure and disclose their ESG risks and opportunities, and engage with their borrowers and the CRE industry.

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Important features for lenders

Access an ESG data integration platform specifically designed for the real estate sector 

Data collection

Automate collection of green building certifications, ESG-related regulations (U.S.), and physical climate risk data.


Implement a systematic approach to ESG and climate data management and integration across your CRE loan portfolio.

Value add for clients

Share Measurabl with your borrowers or clients as a tool to support their Net Zero ambitions and transition your own Scope III carbon emissions.

Contingent liabilities tracking

Track climate risks and regulations relevant to your CRE portfolio and gain insight into contingent liabilities.


Compile ESG and climate data and generate customizable sustainability reports for internal and external stakeholders.

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Measurable Impact for Sustainable Finance

Frequently Asked Questions

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Investment-grade ESG Data for Commercial Real Estate

Reliable ESG data, from meter to market

Sara Anzinger, Measurabl’s Senior Vice President, ESG Capital Markets, talks with Richard Peers from Finextra about sustainability in real estate, how to manage the use of proceeds, and the meter-to-market ESG solution Measurabl offers.

An environmental data management platform

The Measurabl platform aims to simplify and streamline the sustainability recording process for commercial real estate owners and it is now making inroads in Europe

ESG and best practice solutions for real estate

Sara Anzinger, Senior Vice President, ESG Capital Markets, Measurabl; Bärbel Schomberg, Managing Partner, Kingstone Investment Management; and Christiane Conrads, ESG Legal Co-Leader, Global Legal Network, PwC Legal AG discuss recent changes in the market