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Our ESG platform powers sustainability success

Companies around the world rely on Measurabl to collect ESG data and drive new business value

measurabl in action

How Measurabl teams with the world's smartest organizations

We’re proud to celebrate successes with a wide range of industry leaders who are developing novel approaches to big sustainability challenges


CBRE is a longstanding leader in sustainability reporting, and boasts more than 6,000 buildings that are tracked in Energy Star Portfolio Manager.


Measurabl is founding partner of the GRESB data quality initiative to define guidelines for high quality ESG data and increase investor confidence.

City of San Diego

The City of San Diego relies on Measurabl to track the sustainability performance of its 2030 District and thereby help drive its energy and emissions reduction efforts.

Boston Properties

Boston Properties is one of the largest owners of Class A properties in the United States and uses Measurabl to collect and manage ESG data.


Measurabl has supplied automated utility data transfer and a central place for project metrics to track sustainability data at Salesforce Tower.


VMware deploys Measurabl as its single source of ESG truth for tracking built environment sustainability projects across locations around the world.

GRESB + Measurabl have partnered on an ESG data quality initiative for commercial real estate

Over 900 real estate companies and property funds representing some 79,000 assets valued in excess of USD $3.5 trillion report to GRESB annually, with Measurabl being a primary data partner. Measurabl alone tracks ESG performance on more than 9 billion square feet worth of real estate spread across 75 countries. With GRESB, the two encompass the largest and most comprehensive real estate sustainability benchmarking database in the world.

Measurabl raises $18.7M to expand ESG data management platform for commercial real estate

We’re heading towards a convergence where ESG indicators are held in comparable esteem to traditional financial metrics

Measurabl webinar with Blackrock, S&P Global & AFIRE | July 2019

The ESG era: new sustainability metrics for corporate real estate