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GRESB + Measurabl = Data Quality

As Founding Partner of the GRESB Data Quality Working Group, Measurabl is pleased to join over 30 other entities from different corners of the commercial real estate industry – such as prestigious owners like Alexandria REIT, elite service providers like CBRE and other data providers – in the effort to develop ESG data industry standards.

With GRESB, Measurabl hopes to move the industry closer to a level of quality that will satisfy institutional investors at the highest levels, while also unlocking our combined ability to extract maximum value from ESG in our day-to-day activities.


Measurabl has shown incredible leadership and vision in data collection, strategy and how ESG should be integrated within the organization.

Roxana Isaiu

Director ESG & Real Estate | GRESB

GRESB believes that the process of improving the quality of ESG data begins with the creation of the new GRESB ESG Data Standard to define guidelines for high quality data reporting. They believe that Data Standard will draw on best practices and principles in data quality used by experts across different industries, applying them to ESG data reported through GRESB. By providing clear guidance to the market, they believe that the Data Standard will reduce reporting and validation costs, while at the same time improving the reliability and effectiveness of data collection systems used by the industry.

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How Measurabl + GRESB Have Partnered on ESG Data Quality to Improve Transparency


The value of an ESG data standard

GRESB is introducing its Data Standard because it is committed to providing new levels of insight on ESG risks and opportunities and increased investor confidence in data quality. The sum of these efforts will not only improve transparency and engagement for their investor members but will also provide participants with more valuable market intelligence about the impact of their sustainability programs. They think this is a worthy investment in the long-term evolution of the GRESB Assessment that will ultimately offer strengthened analytics and higher-quality data in the GRESB ecosystem.