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World's #1 ESG Software for Commercial Real Estate

Investment grade sustainability data for corporate disclosure and transparency

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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) data has transformed the real estate sector and sits at the nexus of global finance, climate change and human health and well-being.

Measurabl is the world’s foremost SaaS platform for collecting, managing, disclosing and acting upon real estate ESG/sustainability data – helping to drive us toward a smarter tomorrow.

ESG data for commercial real estate owners

Measurabl moves data between your utilities, ENERGY STAR and property management systems, so you can focus on your most important work.  

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Tenants of tomorrow and ESG disclosure

Sustainabiilty target setting and tracking for companies just starting in ESG - all the way to complex global organizations looking for an edge.  

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ESG and the rise of sustainable finance

Receive high quality, auditable ESG data on commercial real estate assets to support green bonds, loans and next generation capital markets.  

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We partner with sustainability leaders around the globe

ESG is a data asset

Creating value from meter to market

Capturing ESG data creates value across your organization – from company operations to financing activities. By acting on this data, you will improve your scores across multiple sustainability frameworks, increase brand resonance and enhance enterprise value.


Autocollect electricity, water and waste data and effortlessly move it between utilities, ENERGY STAR and property management systems. You can also track carbon usage and Scope 3 emissions.


Set and track sustainability targets, and then benchmark performance against tens of thousands of other buildings around the globe. Leverage intelligent data visualizations to spot opportunities for key sustainability improvements.


Deploy end-to-end, push button sustainability disclosure to global ESG frameworks such as GRESB, CDP and more. You can also export standalone data and integrate it into your annual corporate sustainability report or quarterly disclosures.


Transform ESG data into lower cost of capital, higher investor returns, corporate brand equity gains and the attraction and retention of talented, forward-leaning employees.

measurabl in action

See how Measurabl is supporting GRESB's ESG data quality initiative

all-in-one sustainability hub

Manage and report ESG in one place

Connect your people and locations globally to a single source of ESG truth. From there, manage targets and disclose results to global ESG frameworks such as GRESB, CDP and more.

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