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Crown Realty Partners Accelerates its ESG Efforts

Measurabl helped the sustainability leader automate data collection so the team could focus on strategy

Founded in Toronto in 2001, Crown Realty Partners acquires, leases, manages, and redevelops commercial real estate assets across Canada. Crown has a well-established track record, an experienced team, and takes a hands-on approach to provide superior returns for its investors and better workplaces for its tenants. Crown is committed to being a sustainability leader in the real estate industry and strives to exceed regulatory requirements by implementing innovative approaches and investing in ongoing physical and operational improvements. Though sustainability and social responsibility have been central to the organization since its founding, Crown Realty Partners has particularly accelerated its ESG efforts over the past five years.

Crown began using Measurabl primarily to automate the collection of utility data and streamline ESG reporting across its portfolio, which encompasses almost 7 million square feet of office space. Utilizing Measurabl’s automation of data gathering and tracking for projects, KPIs, and building certifications, the sustainability team now spends less time collecting data and more time focusing on ESG projects that move the needle.

Learn how Measurabl helped Crown amplify its ESG efforts.