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On-Demand Expertise

What can you expect when you sign up for ESG services through Measurabl?

Qualified Providers

We’ve researched, vetted, and verified our service partners, so you don’t have to worry about contracting with a vendor that doesn’t meet your standards.

Guaranteed Outcomes

Measurabl ensures your partnerships are successful, from initial communications to project completion.

Streamlined Procurement

Any services you choose are added to your Measurabl account, so you will avoid having to process multiple invoices.

Market Competitive Rates

We secured highly competitive prices to ensure you receive the best quality work for the best price.

Introducing Data Collection Assist

Measurabl’s new Data Collection Assist service adds dedicated professionals to your team to handle the work that can’t be automated and requires a personal touch. This includes following up with property managers for missing data, procuring data from tenants, and other time-consuming tasks.

Our experts are here to help

Here are our most popular services to assist you with building and managing ESG initiatives

ENERGY STAR Certification

Yearly assessment that includes a site visit by a Professional Engineer, data review, stamped Energy performance statement and filing of the certification if the score is above 75

Third-Party Data Assurance

Independent third-party data review and assurance for investment-grade external disclosure

Energy Action Plan

A gap analysis report and recommendation to improve your organization’s energy and carbon performance

Policy Development

Assistance with crafting ESG policies for your organization, including an ESG statement, greenhouse gas reduction plan, stakeholder engagement plan, and two more of your choice

Energy and Water Benchmarking Ordinance Filing

Annual data review and submission to your city, county, or state to ensure compliance with government energy, water, and carbon emissions disclosure (U.S. only)

ESG Foundations Program

Personalized training and program development, which includes an ESG peer benchmark report, gap analysis, and action plan for GHG performance, culminating in a two-day ESG Foundations Workshop

Scope 3 Emissions Calculations

You already receive Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions data through Measurabl. Now, you can have Scope 3 – travel and other corporate emissions – calculated following the GHG Protocol

Peer Benchmarking

Gain insight into your performance relative to the market through a public disclosure gap analysis compared side by side with your company’s top competitors

Climate Resilience

Receive a detailed assessment of your building’s physical climate risks, including the estimated costs and detailed steps for mitigating those risks. Choose from a high-level desktop resilience report generated remotely, or a more in-depth resilience report prepared after an onsite walkthrough.

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