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Improving Resilience in the Face of Climate-Related Disasters

Climate change is impacting our real assets in a very tangible way—so how do we better prepare for future climate events? Join BNP Paribas, Nova-Ambiente, and Measurabl as we unpack these challenges.

Can you afford to ignore the inherent risks of climate change?

As society prepares for the impending effects of climate change, the built environment faces an immediate threat to its real assets. How can buildings be better equipped to adapt to our changing world? Understand how you can assess your exposure to physical climate risk, collect data to make measurable improvements, and protect your vulnerable assets.

Meet the Speakers

Nehla Krir

Head of Sustainable Development and CSR at BNP Paribas Real Estate Investment
Management (REIM)

Nehla KRIR is Head of Sustainable Development and CSR of BNP Paribas Real Estate Investment Management (REIM). With her position as Head of Sustainability and CSR, Nehla Krir is in charge of operational deployment and monitoring of BNP Paribas REIM sustainability strategy on a pan-European level.

Sarah Pirrie

Director at Nova-Ambiente

Sarah has 16 years of experience and focuses on project direction, management of site assessment and due diligence projects for Nova-Ambiente’s commercial/private sector and US clients and co-ordination of selected property management programmes.

Sara Anzinger

Senior Vice President , Capital Markets at Measurabl

Sara Anzinger is Measurabl’s Senior Vice President of Capital Markets. Before joining Measurabl, Sara drove the development and implementation of Fitch Ratings’ Sustainable Finance initiative in the Americas, and served as Managing Director of Real Estate Debt and Fixed Income at GRESB.