Embarking on Your GRESB Journey With Measurabl

Embarking on your GRESB journey or striving to elevate your existing score? Measurabl is here to guide you every step of the way. Our expertise in ESG strategy empowers organizations to achieve and surpass their GRESB goals.

Reporting can be a tedious process. You must know and understand exactly what the GRESB Assessment is looking for to accurately map out your data points. As a GRESB Global Partner, Measurabl speaks that language for our customers. That’s why our average customer sees a 6-point increase when disclosing with Measurabl.

Why Choose Measurabl for GRESB Success?

  • Expert Guidance for First-Time Submitters: Navigating the GRESB reporting process can be challenging. Our team provides comprehensive support to ensure a smooth and successful first submission.
  • Score Improvement Strategies: Already submitted? Our in-depth analysis identifies opportunities for score enhancement, offering actionable insights to boost your performance.
  • Proven Track Record: With over 200 GRESB submissions and an average score increase of 3 points year-on-year, our experience speaks for itself.









Understanding GRESB: The Gold Standard in Real Estate ESG Reporting

Meet GRESB – the touchstone for ESG reporting in the real estate sector, formerly known as the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark. At its core, GRESB’s mission is clear: empowering real estate investors to comprehensively assess the ESG performance of their portfolios. It’s a platform where companies and funds regularly report on a wide spectrum of data, from energy usage to diversity & inclusion initiatives, all aimed at creating a benchmark for ESG excellence.

In 2023, GRESB evaluated over 2,000 real estate entities, encompassing an impressive $7.2 trillion in global assets under management. This benchmark is trusted and utilized by over 100 leading investors, including major pension funds and investment managers worldwide, underscoring its pivotal role in shaping business decisions. With Measurabl’s expertise, you can navigate this vital benchmark, ensuring your portfolio not only meets but excels in these critical ESG standards.

Visualizing Success: Measurabl’s Impact on GRESB Scores

Delve into our 2023 GRESB Assessment outcomes and discover why over 200 funds trust Measurabl for their ESG reporting needs. With an impressive average score increase of 3 points and a significant 55% of our customers boosting their scores, our platform is proven to propel your ESG performance forward. Plus, an outstanding 87% of our customers received Green Stars, demonstrating that with Measurabl, excellence in sustainability reporting is not just possible — it’s expected.

Measurabl’s Impact on GRESB Scores

Collaboration with GRESB - Importance of ESG Data Quality

Measurabl works closely with GRESB as a Global Partner to ensure streamlined reporting and superior access to high-quality ESG data.

Measurabl works closely with GRESB as a Global Partner to ensure streamlined reporting and superior access to high-quality ESG data.

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Our Services

One-on-One Consultations:

Personalized sessions with our ESG experts to deep dive into your GRESB scores and strategies.

In-Depth Analysis for New and Returning Submitters:

Tailored recommendations based on your specific ESG data and GRESB requirements.

Ongoing Support and Monitoring:

Continuous assistance throughout the reporting cycle to ensure you're on track for success.​

Client Testimonials

“Our sustainability program would not be functional or successful without Measurabl. If it weren’t for Measurabl, I would have to hire another employee just to handle all the data.”

Bill Whitfield
General Manager and Sustainability Program Manager
“Measurabl takes the pain out of GRESB reporting. Due to its ease of use, we can focus less on reporting and more on running our business and launching investment initiatives.”

GTIS Partners
“GRESB requires additional resources to focus effort and time on data organization. With Measurabl’s automated technology, we were able to streamline and simplify data gathering, allowing us to save time and focus our efforts on our ESG strategy.”

Janbee Monsod
Director of Property Management, Crown Realty Partners
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