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Vancouver Mayor Visits Measurabl’s Office

Vancouver is probably the closest Canadian city to San Diego in terms of attitude, natural beauty, and emphasis on cleantech innovations. So, it makes sense that Mayor Gregor Robertson of Vancouver and Mayor Kevin Faulconer of San Diego have established a bond to promote sustainability in these two urban environments.

Mayor Robertson visited San Diego on February 23 as part of a North American tour to advance discussions around sustainability in urban areas. We were selected to host Mayor Robertson as a San Diego company that is leading the way in innovation, sustainability, and technology.

We took the mayor on a tour of our offices, where he met with the Measurabl Team to hear more about our stories, why we joined Measurabl, and what we’re working on to advance sustainability in the built environment.

The Mayor then met with representatives from Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Cleantech San Diego, Intuit, Kilroy Realty, the San Diego Padres, and the University of California, San Diego. The group discussed projects that they’re individually working on, as well as the collective effort these entities have put forth to organize the San Diego 2030 District.

One of our colleagues, Willhelm Lehman, first immigrated to Vancouver from Romania in 1994. As a former Canadian citizen who lived in Kingston, Toronto, and Vancouver, Will said Vancouver is a special place to him being the first Canadian city he called home. He brought all of his Canadian swag (hockey jerseys and all!) to the office to make Mayor Robertson feel more at home.

Mayor Robertson left Measurabl to attend the C40 Mayors Summit in Mexico City, where he continued to push sustainability in the built environment. Thanks to World Trade Center San Diego for coordinating!

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