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Steps Forward: ULI Greenprint Members Push Market To Operate More Sustainably

The Urban Land Institute’s Greenprint cohort represents a sizeable snapshot of real estate leaders: more than 9,000 buildings across 28 countries represent 2 billion square feet of sustainable spaces.

In the members’ efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030, the group puts out an annual performance report to track progress toward these goals.

This year alone, the group made great strides in making their reduction goals a reality in the past year alone:

  • 9.1% waste intensity reduction
  • 3.4% increase in waste diversion
  • 3.3% reduction in energy consumption
  • 2.9% reduction in water consumption

“Having an ongoing community to collaborate and push things forward; talk through challenges, talk through opportunities…Greenprint members are constantly looking for ways to improve their portfolio,” said Marta Schantz, Senior Vice President at the Greenprint Center for Building Performance. “This is what the organization is all about: moving the market forward and being a leader in that space.”

Measurabl is proud to be the data partner to Greenprint. Members utilize Measurabl’s software to keep track of their performance over time, quality assure that data, then roll it up to report on. The accuracy of this data is key to ensuring that member companies are making wise decisions and managing their portfolios effectively. Chief Data Scientist Scott Knox has worked to build out ways to constantly improve the veracity of their data.

“Machine learning algorithms are combing through the data to see if there is any incorrectly reported information and then will alert the team to take action and address the issue,” he said. With tools that are regularly updated to improve their performance, the data accuracy gets better every day.

Tune into the discussion with Marta Schantz, Senior Vice President at Greenprint Center for Building Performance, Scott Knox, Senior Data Scientist at Measurabl, and Melissa Bartow, Director of Partners Development at Measurabl.

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