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San Diego’s New 2030 District, Supported by Measurabl

San Diego Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer, together with leaders from Cleantech San Diego, Measurabl, Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc., and leaders from the business community, announced the City of San Diego’s intent to form a 2030 District at Measurabl’s office in late January.

The intent is great, but the jargon-filled press materials aren’t always easy to understand. We broke it down for you:


What is a 2030 District?

2030 Districts are designated urban areas that unite sectors across a city – private, government, nonprofit, and local community groups – around a shared vision for sustainability and economic growth through significant energy, water, and emissions reductions.

San Diego is the latest to join a network of 15 other existing 2030 Districts across North America – cities like San Francisco, Toronto, and Chicago – that have agreed to reduce emissions by 50% by 2030 (hence the name).

Photos From Press Conference

Why San Diego?

San Diego ranks #3 in the nation for cleantech leadership, #2 in solar installations, and is one of the country’s leading high-tech hubs. If the city’s leadership in sustainability and technology isn’t enough, Mayor Kevin Faulconer has led a number of initiatives to increase the region’s environmental stewardship. Most recently, he unveiled one of the nation’s most progressive and aggressive Climate Action Plans that aims to reduce the environmental impact of buildings while creating smart, livable communities.

“It takes the commitment of private and public industry leaders to protect our environment and improve the quality of life for our children and grandchildren.” – San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer

What is Measurabl’s involvement?

Measurabl will provide the software to underpin San Diego’s 2030 District, adding to a string of new use cases that have made us the fastest growing real estate tech company in the world. In partnership with Urban Land Institute (ULI) – a member-driven, global research and education organization dedicated to responsible land use and creating sustainable communities – Measurabl will provide best practices we’ve developed together. We also hosted the press conference; check out photos to see our new office!

As San Diego’s 2030 District is more defined, Measurabl’s software will be used to automatically collect utility data, track the District’s progress, and report on its success.

“Measurabl was born in San Diego. Many individuals on our team were educated at UC San Diego. To now apply our software at home and advance the smart cities revolution San Diego is leading is a dream come true,” said Matt Ellis, Measurabl Founder and CEO.


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