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Open Letter On The Future of ENERGY STAR

Dear Clients,

Many of you have inquired about the future of ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager (“ESPM”) given the Trump Administration’s proposal that it be materially constrained. This note explains ESPM’s role in the real estate ecosystem and our contingency plans should ESPM be diminished in any way.

ESPM is a software platform for commercial real estate administered by the US EPA. It is also adopted by and fully functional for the Canadian market. Real estate environmental data including energy, water and waste may be entered into ESPM with benefits including data management, analytics, benchmarking and potential to achieve ENERGY STAR certification. Data can be injected into and retrieved from ESPM for value-add purposes via an Application Programming Interface (“API”) which is freely available to third parties willing to integrate. ESPM is also the system upon which most local and state energy and water disclosure ordinances rely. Suffice it to say ESPM is a critical part of the North American real estate ecosystem and a guiding light to comparable programs globally.

Given the preeminent role ESPM plays in our industry, Measurabl takes seriously any potential diminution of ESPM’s capabilities and is prepared to step in to fulfill ESPM functionality should its operations be constrained. Specifically:

  1. Your data is and will continue to be backed up in Measurabl.
  2. The range and type of data supported by Measurabl is identical to that of ESPM, so your data collection initiatives will continue uninterrupted on a forward basis.
  3. Your buildings are and will continue to be scored and benchmarked using Measurabl’s proprietary methodology which is not reliant upon ESPM in any way. We have also replicated the ENERGY STAR scoring methodology and will continue to deliver ENERGY STAR’s traditional scoring system should the EPA cease to do so.
  4. Government disclosures relying on the Statement of Energy Performance generated from ESPM may require an alternative supporting document. Measurabl has stored and queued production of an equivalent document that may be exported from our system and which we hope will be satisfactory to regulatory agencies.
  5. Lastly, should the API which facilitates data transfer to/from ESPM be obstructed, you have our commitment to reconfigure our integration and expose it to third parties such that any entity you authorize may push/pull data from Measurabl at no cost. This is a large effort that we will take on only in the extreme event that ESPM’s API is broken, but you have our commitment to execute should it become necessary for the unfettered movement of data between you, your service providers, regulators, and partner organizations.

We remain optimistic that the value and importance of ESPM are self-evident and will prevail in any attempt to fundamentally alter its role in our industry. We however also commit to stewarding its functionality and value propositions should it be unable to continue its traditional role.

Please contact me should you have any questions.


Matt Ellis
CEO, Measurabl

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