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Measurabl Welcomes Arc to its Global ESG Platform

Measurabl and USGBC’s Arc Team Up to Make LEED Certification More Efficient Than Ever


Getting credit for your sustainability efforts is now much easier because of a new partnership between Measurabl and Arc Skoru, Inc. who have integrated their systems to supply users a streamlined process for collecting, managing and certifying sustainability performance.

Measurabl, the world’s leading ESG data management platform for commercial real estate and multi-building tenants, empowers users to automatically collect utility data, benchmark building and portfolio performance and report to certifying entities. Arc Skoru, a technology platform associated with Green Business Certification, Inc. and the U.S. Green Building Council, simplifies the LEED Certification process by allowing users to get certified or renew certifications through their platform.

Thousands of buildings are LEED certified each year, and each of those buildings must go through a manual and time-consuming data collection process. The Measurabl-Arc integration solves that problem. Today, achieving the highest-level of certification has never been more effortless, scalable, and reliable.

Users who are seeking LEED certification can now automatically sync utility data managed in Measurabl to the Arc platform. This simplifies the certification experience while ensuring the data submitted is highly accurate.

ESG data can easily be collected and quality-assured in the Measurabl platform through anomaly detectors and machine learning algorithms that identify data inaccuracies that can be quickly resolved. This helps catch errors like large changes in monthly usage or manual typos that ensure your data is of higher quality, accuracy and timeliness.

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1. Have data ready – 12 months of energy and/or water data.
  2. Activate your integration by requesting data pull from Measurabl in Arc
  3. Apply for LEED Certification in minutes!

Learn more about the integration and how you can leverage this partnership to improve your triple bottom line.

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