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Get Ready for GRESB

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Reporting season is here, but do not fear! This month we zero in on the steps to a successful GRESB response and, as always, Measurabl will guide you through the process every step of the way. First remember your timeline: GRESB opens April 1 and closes June 30. As a Measurabl subscriber, though, you have access to the new survey now, giving you a full month’s head start on the rest of the world. You can also rest easy knowing that whether you’re working on GRESB only or decide to do CDP as well (now available to Measurabl users), the process remains the same: collect two years of performance data on your assets. Of course Measurabl has done most of this work for you! But you still need to make sure to update your survey with information for 2014. Here are a few specific things to be aware of before you turn loose.

What’s different about GRESB this year?

Each year GRESB updates their survey. Last year’s addition of the indirectly managed asset reporting category, data coverage and expanded documentation requirements took the survey to a whole new level of complexity. This year GRESB stayed (mostly) true to its promise to settle down, but our in depth analysis still revealed a number of material changes. Below is a detailed list of modified questions for your reference. Remember, Measurabl subscribers already have these changes integrated into their reports, so you’re up to speed.

GRESB Aspect Revised Questions Overhauled Questions
Management 2, 4, 6
Policy & Disclosure 7.1, 10, 11
Risk & Opportunities 15.1, 15.2, 16, 17, 18
Monitoring & EMS 21.1 22, 23
Building Certifications 30 29.1
Stakeholder Engagement 34.2, 36, 38, 39, 41.1, 41.2 31.2, 35.2, 37.1

Where should I start on my 2015 GRESB?

To get started, we recommend reviewing your outstanding alerts at the end of each survey module. If you don’t have a Measurabl account, sign up for a free trial.

How Do I Get Help and What’s New About Measurabl?

Measurabl automatically carries your 2014 answers into 2015, so start by doing a quick review of your new survey. Use the 30 day head start to review data, update documents and get in touch with us for any special requests.

Feature Use Case Get Started
Utility Sync Fill data gaps and automate utility data collection. Add your buildings, and connect your utility accounts. Learn More
Copy Reports Is your company submitting more than one report? Ask us how you can create consistent reports with out answering the same question twice.
User Management Don’t have all the answers? Let us help you share the workload with colleagues and service providers.


  • Sync your Energy Star account.
  • Use Utility Sync to fill in your data gaps and automate utility data collection.
  • Review your individual buildings and applying revisions (e.g. bought, sold, etc.)
  • Update your account with any documentation that changed in 2014.
  • Spend a little extra time on your Building and Energy Certifications modules.