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From Green to ESG: The Evolution of Sustainability

Though ESG (environmental, social, governance) may be a relatively new term—or, one that’s become more familiar over the last few years—it’s the culmination of a sustainability movement that’s decades in the making. In the real estate industry, green building initiatives were an important way to get owners and asset managers to start thinking about energy and water use, waste diversion, and carbon output. Now, owners are feeling the pressure from investors, tenants, and other stakeholders to collect data on not just a building’s environmental impact, but also social and governance factors like ethical supply chain management, hiring practices, fair wages, and more.

In celebration of NYC Climate Week, Measurabl CEO and Founder Matt Ellis joined industry experts from ULI Greenprint and Brookfield to share their perspectives on why ESG is so important to investors, what role plaques and certifications will play in the future of sustainability reporting, and the importance of quality ESG data. See highlights from the conversation below or listen to the full recording.

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