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Entrepreneur’s Corner

For Founder and CEO Matt Ellis, his experience as Director of Sustainability Solutions for the world’s largest commercial real estate company, CBRE, was fuel to develop Measurabl, a tool to streamline the process of sustainability reporting.

“The opportunity to create transparency around environmental and social impacts for large and small organizations was extremely attractive as an innovative way of addressing sustainability issues,” says Ellis.


UC San Diego Triton Magazine
UC San Diego Triton Magazine profiles Matt Ellis, Measurabl’s Founder & CEO.

Sustainability is gaining importance in the eyes of investors, consumers and government regulators like the European Union, which recently adopted a directive requiring public companies with over 500 employees to report on their sustainability.

Established in April 2013, Measurabl simplifies the sustainability reporting process, especially for smaller companies who may not have the resources or expertise needed to create reports. Measurabl’s cloud-based solution automatically collects and aggregates energy, carbon, water, and waste data and simplifies the reporting process to third-party standards and benchmarks. The company supports reporting to the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB), and is developing similar reporting solutions for Carbon Disclosure Product and the Global Reporting Initiative.

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