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Democratizing Sustainability: Measurabl Launches Free Sustainability Software Subscription

We’ve been getting some press recently for our work on democratizing sustainability by making world class sustainability management software available to organizations of any type regardless of their size, expertise or resources. The long term goal is to help organizations improve resource efficiency and lower adverse social impacts on a global scale. As of today, companies can create an account and use being using the free sustainability software. The free subscription includes many of Measurabl’s most popular features including building and company-wide trends and analytics, ENERGY STAR integration, investment-grade sustainability reporting, action items and to-do’s.

Measurabl’s mission is to make sustainability accessible, accurate and actionable for any organization. Eliminating the cost barrier to enterprise-quality sustainability software is one of our biggest steps yet towards realizing this mission.

Free sustainability software team
Measurabl CTO Lance Onken gets excited about working to help all companies “Understand, Report & Act upon sustainability”!

As of today, the free “Basic” plan has over 460 subscribers representing nearly 100 companies!

We want to send a big thanks to our investors, customers and team for making the offer of free sustainability software possible! SMEs and big companies – enjoy!

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