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City of San Diego + Measurabl: A Sustainability Success Story

Yes, San Diego is known for our tacos, beaches, and beer, but those aren’t the only things that make waves in this city.

Chief Sustainability Officer Cody Hooven has been making headlines through San Diego’s efforts to be a more sustainable, resilient place. From a brand new Community Choice Program, to an aggressive Climate Action Plan, to being the #1 city in the US for rooftop solar installations, Cody has been leading the charge to elevate San Diego’s sustainability efforts.

“If you don’t set a high bar, you’re not going to aim high.” – Cody Hooven, City of San Diego

Some of San Diego’s goals: 100% renewable energy by 2035, 50% reduction in single-car commuters, and shifting towards zero waste.

“We’re looking at how to follow the triple bottom line, so for us sustainability is about economics, the environment, and the people,” said Cody Hooven. “We want to make sure that we’re thinking about all three of those pillars by really engaging the business community, and tapping into our innovation economy to provide support for our climate and sustainability goals.”

As a San Diego born-and-bred company, Measurabl is happy to make our home sustainable for all. We’ve been working with the city on a number of initiatives, including the San Diego 2030 Districts.

“Measurabl supports what we’re trying to do, not through a regulatory angle, but by offering other businesses a service to be more efficient, to track their data better, to be better at what they’re doing, and to help others, too,” said Cody. “That’s exactly what a city like us wants to see.”

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