GRESB Merges with GBCI: What it Means for Survey Respondents

GRESB mergers with GBCI.

Just over five years into its existence GRESB, the benchmark for portfolio-level sustainability performance has merged with GBCI, the dominant building-level sustainability certification body. The move makes clear winners of GRESB (the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark) and GBCI (the Green Building Certification Institute): they now have almost total dominion over building- and commercial real… Read More

What’s next: Envisioning the post-reporting world


WHAT FUTURE DO YOU WANT? Suppose for a moment the dust had settled on how, what and to whom we should all be reporting our non-financial data. How: Cheap, effective technology systems permit continuous data monitoring and sharing. What: Reports consist of pre-defined, industry-specific data points or “Key Performance Indicators” (KPIs) established by governments and industry regulators…. Read More

White Paper: Commercial Real Estate Sustainability Reporting and GRESB


If you’re a real estate asset manager or owner, chances are an investor has called asking for information about your sustainability performance. That’s because they see it as indicative of your overall financial health. In other words, companies that manage and disclose so-called “ESG” (environmental, social, governance) data simply tend to run better businesses. And, all things being equal,… Read More

Disrupting Utility Data Aggregation


Your Challenge: collect two years of historical electric, gas, water and carbon data from more than 400 commercial buildings across the country. Could you do it? What if you also had to compile all that data into your first ever GRESB report? Oh, and you have 60 days to get it all done… Utility Data… Read More

After GRESB: Four things to consider after (and just before) you submit

Strategic planning for submitting GRESB response

You’ve purged your inbox of  property manager emails and compiled a mountain of data into one gleaming, “almost-final”  2014 GRESB response. Just one last meeting with the Powers That Be stands between you, the submit button, and a well deserved glass of [insert choice beverage here]. Here’s are a few things to keep in mind when you reviewing your… Read More

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