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Measurabl helps you report to third party sustainability standards, as well as benchmark and improve performance.

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    The Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark is the world’s leading sustainability reporting standard for real estate owners, asset managers and developers. Use Measurabl to prepare your GRESB response now!

  • CDP

    The Carbon Disclosure Project is used by companies and cities all over the world to disclose environmental information. Measurabl’s CDP tool is in pilot. Contact us to join the pilot!

  • GRI

    The Global Reporting Initiative is a UN-backed system that organizations of any type can follow to measure and report on sustainability performance. Measurabl’s GRI tool is under development now.

  • Utility Sync

    Automatically fetch historical and monthly utility data and put it into ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. With connections to over 900 utility companies across North America, Europe and South America, Measurabl makes it easy.

  • Cities

    Create custom scorecards and get local businesses and households reporting on sustainability so cities can better manage sustainability initiatives and target incentives. Contact us to learn more.

  • Supply Chain

    Measurabl’s lightweight reporting solution lets suppliers large and small share sustainability information directly to with their customers. Contact us to learn more.

  • Benchmarking

    No matter what report you’re working on, you’ll want to know how you’re performing before you file. Our analytics allow you to see performance, benchmark yourself against peers and identify opportunities for improvement.

  • Improve

    Measurabl automatically identifies opportunities for improvement and connects you to service providers to help you tackle your toughest sustainability challenges. Coming soon!

Measurabl makes sustainability reporting easy
  • Sync Your Data

    Import your data from existing systems, utility companies and service providers. No matter where your data lives, Measurabl can get it.

  • Get Expert Guidance

    Our wizard takes you through every question step-by-step, puts decades of sustainability expertise at your fingertips, and checks your response in real time.

  • Submit a Perfect Report

    Get the best possible score, eFile your report with the push of a button, and share your results with stakeholders.

Your Data

Seamlessly imported from any source


Let Measurabl do the work

  • Automatically fetch your data from utility companies, bill pay providers, travel companies, waste haulers and more.
  • Measurabl calculates your energy, carbon, water and waste.
  • Follow our template to upload custom data.
  • Request a new data source, we’ll add it for you!

Expert Coaching

Through the entire report


Get rid of the confusion

  • The right questions, presented one at a time makes reporting easy.
  • Real-time Response Check ensures accuracy.
  • Sample answers help you respond like a pro.
  • Progress is tracked so you know when you’re ready to submit.

The Perfect Report

Every time


Enjoy accurate, fast and secure reporting

  • Multiple reporting standards, all in one place.
  • Preview results with colleagues and stakeholders.
  • eFile and let Measurabl take care of submission for you!
  • 6-circleMore property types disclosed*
  • 80-circleHours saved*
  • up-arrowIncreased accuracy*

*Results from 2013 pilot of Measurabl’s reporting tool for GRESB.

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