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The ESG Era: New Sustainability Metrics

Welcome to the ESG Era –

Join BlackRock, S&P Global, AFIRE and Measurabl as they discuss how ESG data is transforming commercial real estate investment decision-making worldwide.

How is ESG data transforming real estate?

BlackRock, S&P GlobalAFIRE and Measurabl discuss how ESG is transforming the commercial real estate sector globally. We begin by reviewing how the industry has matured from “green” to “sustainability” to “ESG” using changes in the green building certification landscape as a proxy for this evolution, then quickly move to a wider discussion on what this progression means in terms of materiality and quality of ESG data, and its applications to real estate including equity investment, lending, and capital markets transactions. Concepts we cover include:

  • What is ESG data? What are its key data sources?
  • Materiality and quality of ESG data
  • Binary, subjective, and objective metrics
  • Building performance spectrums – is there really “green vs not green?”
  • How ESG is applied in real estate transactions and the rise of new vehicles like green REIT indices and green bonds?