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Product Spotlight: CRREM (Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor) Export

Premium customers can now populate the CRREM Risk Assessment Tool with Measurabl data in seconds

Real estate owners are facing increased pressure to decarbonise their portfolios by 2050 in line with the UN Paris Climate Agreement and other climate risk–related legislation. Owners also need to determine which of their properties are liable to become stranded, or devalued, because of the costs associated with failing to meet environmental performance standards. 

The European Union has developed the Climate Risk Real Estate Monitor (CRREM) to help with both of these endeavours. CRREM’s Risk Assessment Tool helps owners establish net-zero pathways for their assets and determine building-level stranding risk. However, transferring data to this Excel spreadsheet–based tool costs valuable time and resources. And when environmental performance data lives in different systems, it can take even longer to consolidate that information into a single format. 

This year Measurabl partnered with CRREM to make it easier for our customers to create risk assessment reports. Manually transferring data to CRREM takes an estimated average of 30 minutes per building. Using CRREM Export, Measurabl Premium customers can now populate the CRREM Risk Assessment Tool in a matter of seconds with the required building characteristics, energy usage, and renewables data they’ve already collected in Measurabl. In addition to saving time and effort, the new automated feature helps customers avoid errors associated with manual input and improve data quality.

How Measurabl Streamlines CRREM Analysis

Measurabl cuts a formerly days- or weeks-long data synthesis process down to the click of a button, eliminating error-prone manual data transformations and entry. This allows real estate companies to generate CRREM reports whenever they are most useful, rather than being constrained by cost of third-party assessors and data availability. For instance, owners can generate reports after an important retrofit or energy efficiency project, when preparing an asset for sale, or before quarterly earnings calls or significant investor meetings.

Property companies across the global real estate market can now pull vital decarbonisation data faster

With the click of a button, Measurabl’s CRREM Export:

Auto populates:

  • Building characteristics: location, size, use types, occupancy rate
  • Energy usage: electric, fuel, district
  • Renewables: energy consumption and generation

Offers insights into:

  • Transition risk (stranded assets)
  • Financial risk
  • Alignment with the UN Paris Climate Agreement

Our new functionality allows users to produce CRREM assessment reports for a single building or an entire portfolio, with the same level of effort. Measurabl’s CRREM Export is the fastest way to gain insights on decarbonisation and transition risk.

Learn more about CRREM Export and other features available with Measurabl Premium.