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Product Spotlight: Listed Data

Updated on September, 29, 2023

Measurabl offers ESG data for all companies included in the FTSE EPRA Nareit Developed Index

Company-level ESG real estate data is incredibly valuable to the capital markets. Financial institutions glean insights from this data to make smarter investment decisions. Investment managers use it to create low-carbon investment products. Data providers incorporate it into their research to determine the weight or inclusion of a company in an ESG index.

The possibilities are vast, but since investors do not own or operate buildings, they often lack access to timely, comprehensive real estate data required to make informed decisions.

Recognizing the market’s need for investment grade real estate ESG data, Measurabl has launched Listed Data. Through its latest Data product, Measurabl provides the most reliable company-level ESG data available on publicly listed REITs.

Information Markets Can Trust

Other ESG data providers source company-level data from public filings and disclosures, which are often unreliable and lack granularity. 

Listed Data leverages proprietary machine-learning models powered by Measurabl’s vast dataset of 17 billion square feet of real estate in more than 90 countries to provide asset-level estimates on carbon emissions and energy consumption. We then roll our asset-level ESG estimates up to the company level so investors can understand how REITs perform in relation to their peers.

Listed Data provides four data points that represent some of the greatest risks and opportunities facing real estate assets:

  • Total estimated carbon emissions
  • Total estimated energy consumption
  • Percentage of a company’s assets that have obtained green building certifications
  • Percentage of a company’s assets that are subject to local ordinances
What Makes Our Data Different–and Better

Measurabl’s Listed Data takes a consistent, objective approach to company-level data on material ESG data points, providing information that is:

  1. Timely: We deliver company-level ESG data updated monthly. (No more decision-making based on year-old reports).
  2. Auditable: Customers can dig deeper and view underlying asset-level data, which is constantly quality assured within our SaaS-based application,
  3. Trustworthy: Powered by the largest ESG real estate database available on the market, Measurabl’s proprietary machine-learning models estimate data with high accuracy*.
  4. Versatile: We don’t rate companies based on our own criteria for what defines “good” or “bad” ESG performance. Instead, Measurabl provides objective, raw data you need to make decisions based on your specific business needs.

Want to gain access to best-in-class real estate ESG data? Contact Measurabl today.

*To learn about our methodology click here.