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Product Spotlight: Asset Optimization 

New feature from Measurabl helps customers hit ESG real estate targets with real-time building data

Whether you’re decarbonizing your portfolio, adhering to local regulations, or you simply need a better handle on what’s going on with your real estate assets, real-time visibility into your buildings’ performance is critical.

With Asset Optimization, Measurabl’s platform collects and aggregates building operations data, providing real-time transparency into your buildings’ environmental performance. It’s designed to help your operations teams get ahead of costly inefficiencies in buildings, track and verify carbon impact in real time, and make building operations best-in-class.

Trained on more than 40 billion hours of real-time data—the most comprehensive data set in the industry—the Asset Optimization analytics engine monitors buildings 24/7 to identify and prioritize the highest value improvement opportunities. 

Asset Optimization is powered by Measurabl’s data collection and aggregation to help building teams take action on their ESG (environmental, social, and governance) goals. Building operations data from utility invoices, meters, sub-meters, and even building equipment like HVAC systems collected by Measurabl flows into Asset Optimization, providing:

  • Real-time building-level insights
  • Operational efficiency recommendations
  • Tools that empower real estate teams to go beyond annual or quarterly reporting

How Asset Optimization Works

reduce carbon emissions, energy consumption,and operating costs while helping fight climate change
Reduce carbon emissions, energy consumption, and operating costs with granular, continuous data

With Asset Optimization, real estate firms can leverage the real-time data they already have to improve building performance without having to engage in a lengthy, expensive data collection process. Once you sign up for Asset Optimization, it’s easy to get started from Measurabl’s all-in-one hub, and you can start improving your ESG performance immediately. Measurabl collects, tracks, and qualifies data from disparate sources, then gives owners and operators access to all that energy use data in a single application.

This makes it flexible enough to let users customize strategies for individual buildings, yet powerful enough to provide visibility into an entire portfolio’s performance.

Asset Optimization is full of intuitive, operator-friendly features that quickly translate building data into action. With teams aligned and supported, both property owners and operators can drive more value in less time.

A Closer Look At How Asset Optimization Helps Real Estate Teams Meet ESG Goals

Asset Optimization’s value comes from its range of offerings, built on more than a decade of learning what real estate teams need to quickly and efficiently improve building performance. It meets different team members across the firm where they are, delivering insights to them in the visual language they’re already familiar with. With Asset Optimization:

  • Asset managers can identify, track, and report energy budgets and variances across a portfolio
  • Sustainability managers can automate, collect, and verify building data to support ESG initiatives
  • Building operators get automatic, quality recommendations to improve building performance, pinpointing opportunities for efficiency by the hour and day

Additionally, Asset Optimization provides net-zero verification of distributed energy resources (DERs) and carbon impact, giving confidence to real estate investors that their portfolios are operating efficiently.

How Asset Optimization Is Changing the Real Estate Industry

Asset Optimization enables real estate teams to accomplish three key objectives in a single tool:

  1. Boost asset performance by harnessing the data you already have to rapidly benchmark performance, identify opportunities for expense reduction, and streamline reporting for tenants, owners, and operators.
  2. Empower operations teams by centralizing portfolio performance to eliminate silos and keep disparate teams aligned, productive, and on target.
  3. Improve ESG scores by driving portfolio-wide performance through collaboration with property teams on the selection, implementation, and verification of energy initiatives.

What Makes Measurabl’s Asset Optimization Different From Other Decarbonization Tools

Measurabl is the world’s most widely adopted ESG (environmental, social, governance) data management solution for real estate, with a proven track record of operational excellence.

Customers use Measurabl to measure, manage, and report ESG data to benchmarking institutions like GRESB and the Green Building Council on more than 15 billion square feet of real estate across 92 countries.

We help the industry’s most innovative companies—Hines, Unico, Boston Properties, Beacon Capital, and Cabot to name a few—optimize their ESG performance, assess exposure to physical climate risk, and act on decarbonization and sustainable finance opportunities. 

Plus, Asset Optimization’s open and extensible design allows firms to integrate the tool into their existing proptech ecosystems, rather than engaging in expensive overhauls.

Measurabl delivers faster time-to-value by providing meter-to-market capabilities from one ESG partner with proven experience managing portfolio-wide rollouts.

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