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Product Spotlight: ESG Advisory Services

Supercharge your ESG Strategy:
Introducing ESG Advisory Services from Measurabl

As the trusted ESG partner to real estate firms around the globe, we know that, more than ever before, companies are under pressure to go beyond simply reporting on ESG. But the reality is that most real estate teams don’t have the resources, time, or expertise necessary to efficiently navigate the rapidly evolving ESG landscape, choose ESG goals that are the right fit for their organization, and determine what actions are necessary to meet those objectives.

That’s why we’re excited to announce a new addition to our growing suite of Professional Services from Measurabl. ESG Advisory Services provide the deep expertise necessary for real estate teams like yours to progress faster toward your ESG goals. Powered by reliable, asset-level data centrally collected in the Measurabl platform, our advisors are uniquely equipped to help clients take their ESG performance to the next level.

Our experts work hand-in-hand with clients to establish basic ESG objectives and processes, deepen an already established strategy, or create unique action plans to meet goals.

How We Can Help

Our dedicated, expert ESG Advisors work hand-in-hand with clients to establish basic ESG objectives and processes, deepen an already established strategy, or create unique action plans to meet their ESG goals. 

  • Augment your ESG reporting process
    Reporting to different organizations and regulators is time-consuming and complex. Measurabl’s ESG Advisors help you stay on top of the fluid reporting landscape, functioning as your guide to the leading ESG ratings and reporting frameworks, including GRESB, CDP, TCFD, and others. Building on the foundation of data in the Measurabl platform, we can help you get ready for the entire submission process, including relevant quantitative and qualitative data to ensure the highest possible scores.
  • Advance your ESG strategy
    Many of our clients have begun to establish an ESG strategy, but may not have the expertise in-house to identify where the gaps and opportunities are. Measurabl’s ESG Advisors can help you develop a clear strategic approach to ESG that shows your stakeholders how you will deliver on your ESG commitments. We will work closely with you to develop a robust ESG program and set consequential portfolio targets. Our team guides you through a comprehensive Discovery process, frames up the relevant elements during the Definition phase, supports the Implementation of the program, and informs and facilitates portfolio-level Target Setting.
  • Create an ESG action plan
    Be it net zero energy, science-based targets or other ESG objectives, many of our clients have ambitious sustainability goals. Our ESG Advisors will work with you to determine an actionable roadmap for achieving them. Using data, they identify high-priority assets and specific asset-level investments (in energy efficiency, deep retrofits, onsite or offsite renewables, climate mitigation measures, etc.) Approved projects can be monitored in the Measurabl platform, aiding reporting and allowing for tracking ESG performance improvements realized as a result of any completed recommended actions.

Interested in learning more? Contact us directly for a free consultation on how Measurabl can support you, wherever you are on your ESG journey.