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Measurabl Releases its First Annual Sustainability Report

If I could use only one word to describe why I left my corporate career to start a software company, it is transparency.

Transparency is vital to well-functioning markets. The more readily available quality information is, the better markets work. For a long time, ESG information was absent or of poor quality. As a result, markets could not allocate capital to sustainable outcomes. And, since markets are one of the most powerful mechanisms for positive industry transformation, this is a problem we at Measurabl are determined to solve.

Transparency is therefore one of Measurabl’s core values. Through our widely adopted technology platform, we give our customers the ability to be transparent with their stakeholders and investors around the totality of their business impacts. We seek to achieve this same transparency in our own business.

That is why I am proud Measurabl is publishing its first ESG Report this year. We are using the GRI framework to do this, focusing on what we determined were our most material impacts through a stakeholder engagement process. For us, those stakeholders include employees, investors, and board members.

Thanks to this process and the hard work of its many contributors, we now have a starting point from which to grow our own ESG efforts. Reducing and offsetting our carbon emissions from business travel and corporate real estate, ensuring each person at Measurabl has a fair and equal chance of success within our company from hiring through to promotion, cultivating a diverse team and board of directors… All this and more is being actively and enthusiastically addressed.

I believe in the power of transparency. I’m eager to benefit from its power in our own business. This is one way to capture those benefits and amplify them.