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Improving ESG Performance Through Data

Measurabl's Mission and Vision


Mission: Create transparency around the environmental and social impacts of real estate.

Vision: A world where resources virtuously flow to buildings that create sustainable outcomes for Earth and society.

Measurabl's ESG Statement

We here at Measurabl are working to build a more just and sustainable world. We are positively contributing to humanity by leveraging ESG (environmental, social, governance) data to measure, manage, and act upon the challenges facing society today. We believe ESG is a critical component of any forward-looking business strategy. We are helping our customers improve their ESG performance to create a more sustainable, equitable world that respects and nurtures our community and our planet.

We commit to protecting Earth’s natural resources, mindfully consuming renewable resources, and reintegrating humanity into nature’s self-balancing ecosystems. We are vehemently opposed to systemic racism and pledge to be an actively anti-racist organization that is fighting for a better future for all humans. Measurabl commits to incorporating ESG principles into every decision and across all operations to ensure we are better global citizens and stewards of the world we seek to create.

As we start to focus on improving our internal ESG performance, we recognize we may be imperfect in these efforts. However, we must act today and are committed to learning from, growing, and improving through these initiatives. We hope you will join us in these efforts.

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ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year

ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) Report 2020

Measurabl Publishes Inaugural ESG Disclosure

ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) Report 2021

Measurabl Publishes Second Annual ESG Disclosure

ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) Report 2022

Measurabl Publishes Third Annual ESG Disclosure

ESG Focus Areas


Work towards carbon neutrality by 2030.

Key Results for 2022:

  • Establish baseline energy consumption and emissions pollution 
  • Offset carbon emissions of corporate headquarters and company travel costs


Support diversity and inclusion within our organization and in our community

Key Results for 2022:

  • ESG-related educational events and trainings for all employees
  • Unconscious Bias training for Talent Acquisition Team 


Develop internal sustainability policies

Key Results for 2022:

  • Continue to develop ESG policies
  • Expand employee and board diversity, with goal of 50% gender parity

Sustainability Stories