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Measurabl Releases its Second Annual Sustainability Report

We believe transparency is fundamental to a more just and sustainable world. That’s why Measurabl’s purpose is to build tools that support transparency around the environmental and social impacts of the built world. We look across our customer base today and see our work bearing fruit: our widely adopted technology platform is proof that our customers are realizing the benefits of transparency at scale.

Transparency is, quite literally, what we do at Measurabl. It’s also how we operate. That is why I am pleased to share Measurabl’s second annual ESG report.

We used the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework to develop our report, working with stakeholders including employees, investors, and our board. The report shares how our ESG efforts have evolved since last year as we seek to encourage accountability within our organization, fully understand the environmental impacts of our business, and prioritize the health and welfare of our people. Examples of these initiatives include developing internal sustainability policies, cultivating a diverse and inclusive workforce, and carbon neutrality.

Measurabl is committed to incorporating ESG principles in company decisions, both operational and strategic. The initiatives and statistics detailed in this report showcase how we have fared in our objectives, and lays out our ongoing commitment to measuring what matters.