Getting You Accurate Data: ENERGY STAR Shutdown Updates

Providing you with investment-grade data is one of our top priorities. During the U.S. government shutdown, ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager is offline, affecting those of you who use Measurabl’s integration with ENERGY STAR or our Utility Sync data automation feature. Here’s what the shutdown means for your data and what we’re doing to support you.

While users cannot access data directly in ENERGY STAR, Measurabl backed up all ENERGY STAR data the day it went offline. Rest assured: you can still view and download your ENERGY STAR data within Measurabl, including ENERGY STAR scores for your buildings.

Measurabl cannot access the ENERGY STAR API. This means that you can’t make changes to sites synced with ENERGY STAR, and Utility Sync cannot push new bill data while the shutdown continues.

Sites not synced to ENERGY STAR are unaffected and work normally.

As soon as ENERGY STAR is back online, your ENERGY STAR accounts will re-sync with Measurabl and all data fetched by Utility Sync in the interim will also sync. No data will be lost and there is no action needed on your end.

If the shutdown continues, we will provide updated communication around our action plan and investigate ways to work exclusively in Measurabl.

As always, please feel free to reach out to [email protected] with any questions.

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