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Salesforce + Measurabl: A Sustainability Success Story

Set goals. Achieve them. Advance the industry.

Salesforce is doing just that. Its sustainability program has been so successful that it achieved a goal 33 years (yes, you read that right) ahead of the target date.

At the helm of Salesforce’s sustainability success is Patrick Flynn, who constantly works with teams across the organization to have them collaborate on ESG efforts at Salesforce. Through his efforts, sustainability is consistently integrated into all aspects of the organization.

“At its core, being a sustainability manager is change management—and trying to take the direction of an organization, and move it ever so slightly in a better direction.”

With the goal of achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, Salesforce was able to mitigate all GHG emissions 33 years ahead of schedule. Now, the team is working to deliver a carbon-neutral cloud to all customers. “We try to use our voice, our innovation, and think about ways to bring renewable energy into the grids where we have operations,” Patrick said of this effort.

From operating one of the most sustainable office buildings in the US, to 100% renewable energy sourcing, to delivering a carbon-neutral cloud, Salesforce continues to push the envelope for what sustainability means at any organization.

Flynn’s advice: “For any sustainability manager out there trying to drive change—listen to the language that the company uses to create any other change and speak that language. You’ll see great results.”