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VMware + Measurabl: Sustainability Success Story

VMware’s organizational decision to disclose to CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) was a pivotal moment. By initiating this process, they realized they were missing data… data that actually mattered to how they would track, measure and benchmark performance.

Natasha Tuck, Senior Sustainability Manager at VMware, faced the challenge of collecting this data and tracking all projects across 150 campuses globally. Why? Because “all the little projects add up” and make a difference.

Measurabl enables Natasha and 57 users to manage and monitor projects within individual campuses’ performance as well as a unified roll-up for the company so they can continue tackling aggressive targets, like carbon neutrality and 100% renewable energy by 2020!

It’s all of the projects added up that makes an impact.

Natasha Tuck, VMware

Perhaps VMware’s most impressive accomplishment is its reduction of carbon output. Through its technology, VMware has avoided 415 metric tons of carbon.

VMware strives to be a “force for good”; Measurabl helps empower that force.

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