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Sustainability Reporting Season Is Over. Now What?

It’s tempting to put sustainability reporting into a holding pattern now that this season’s reporting deadlines have passed. But if you wait until the wee hours of 2017 to react to GRESB or CDP scores, or implement meaningful programs you’ll find yourself out of time, which means you’ll be caught reporting the same material and results in 2017 as you did this year. Here’s how to avoid that fate.

Define (June – September)

Think of GRESB, CDP or GRI reporting as massive sustainability diagnostics. If you do, you’ll spot cause for action in dozens of places across your organization: how you collect and quality assure data, what stale policies need to be updated… Strike while the iron is hot!

 – Start on your 2017 reports. GRESB and CDP are live on Measurabl now – the best way to define what you don’t have is to start working with what you do!

Read up on what’s best practice, decide where you want to land, and plan actions accordingly. You’ll be surprised on how little it takes to achieve market parity.

Not sure where to start? Contact Measurabl Support for a free GRESB or CDP score review and recommendations for improvement.

Develop (September – April)

If you waited until the wee hours before midnight to submit responses or found yourself wildly checking “yes” to questions in your GRESB or CDP survey at the last minute you’re suffering from timeline mismanagement. Spend the post-vacation months…

Updating stale policies and objectives.

Automating utility data collection.

Certifying ENERGY STAR buildings (due Nov 15) and complete LEED (re)certifications.

Conducting employee and tenant engagement surveys.

Want to try out a tenant/employee engagement survey for free? Contact our Customer Success Team to set one up.

Deliver (April – June)

You spent the last 4 months defining and developing sustainability programs. If you set your portfolio up on Utility Sync, 2015 and 2016 data is in Measurabl and we’ll handle all the tricky GRESB/CDP calculations for you.

Complete the qualitative portion of the survey, including uploading current documentation.

Submit for Measurabl Response Check, let Measurabl experts comb your report and be 100% confident before you submit!

Want to make sure your report is audit proof? Request a free Data Quality check from Measurabl and uncover every broken meter reading or incorrect emissions factor in a few seconds!