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Product Spotlight: Meter Reading Estimates

Measurabl customers can now achieve 100% meter completeness with estimated data

Gaps in energy meter data can happen for a variety of reasons, and a common culprit is missing utility bills. Despite their best efforts, Measurabl customers cannot always obtain complete meter data for each month. Unfortunately, incomplete data prevents owners and operators from analyzing their buildings’ true energy consumption, which can make it difficult to properly allocate staff and resources to improve energy performance.

Data gaps also prevent owners from receiving performance metrics in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. Additionally, gaps make it challenging to report accurate ESG performance data to investors, stakeholders, and benchmarks like GRESB and CDP.

Measurabl has launched Meter Reading Estimates to help customers overcome this roadblock and achieve 100% meter completeness. In 2021, Measurabl unveiled Data Completeness to help customers visualize gaps in their portfolio’s energy data. Meter Reading Estimates expands on that feature by allowing customers to automatically fill in missing data from individual meters based on that meter’s historical data. Estimates are flagged accordingly, and can be removed by customers if actual data becomes available.

Meter Reading Estimates displays a breakdown of actual and estimated data, which is based on historical data from specific meters.

To improve disclosure, Measurabl will also incorporate Meter Reading Estimates within its  GRESB and CDP modules. Measurabl will provide transparency to help customers ensure that their use of estimates complies with GRESB’s Estimation Methodology. 

To learn more about how to improve data coverage and other capabilities available to Measurabl Premium users, schedule a demo or contact your Customer Success Manager today.