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Product Spotlight: Climate Resilience Services

Measurabl now offers a detailed assessment of physical climate risks and how to act on them

As more investors are required to align with frameworks such as TCFD (Task Force on Climate-Related Disclosures), commercial real estate owners are facing increasing pressure to report on climate risks that affect their portfolios, as well as disclosing strategies in place to mitigate these risks. 

Measurabl now offers customers who have opted into PCRX a path to act on their buildings’ specific physical climate risks. Measurabl’s Climate Resilience Services (CRS) are designed to help customers determine the costs of those risks and provide recommendations and estimated costs of risk mitigation projects, such as flood barriers and green roofs. 

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Measurabl launched PCRX in 2020 to give customers instant access to physical climate risk information about their portfolios in the same place as their ESG performance data. CRS expands on that data by providing customers with more information on how those risks impact a property’s infrastructure. For example, the reports may indicate how flood risks will affect ground floor building systems, or how heat stress will prevent current equipment from maintaining a cool and comfortable environment. 

Customers who sign up for CRS have two options to support their specific ESG goals: 

Desktop Climate Resilience Report

Customers interested in high-level risk reporting can get a desktop report that is prepared remotely. We prepare a report remotely using the most recent property condition assessment and a short questionnaire completed by the customer. The report lists specific physical climate risks to the property, a rating of the financial impact of those risks (low, medium, or high), and mitigation recommendations.

Climate Resilience Report with Site Visit

Customers interested in bidding out climate risk mitigation projects can get a more detailed report based on an onsite review of the property. A team of building professionals travels onsite to conduct a more detailed evaluation. The team then builds a comprehensive report listing all identified building system-level physical climate risks, their potential impacts and costs, mitigation recommendations, and an estimated cost range for each recommendation. 

To learn more about Climate Resilience Services, contact your Customer Service Manager today.