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Product Spotlight: Data Completeness

Measurabl’s new feature helps customers visualize gaps in their portfolio’s energy data

It’s not uncommon for commercial real estate owners to have incomplete energy data. Data gaps can happen for a variety of reasons, but a lack of insight into missing data can lead CRE teams to misread building performance and miss opportunities to better engage with their property managers. 

To alleviate this problem, Measurabl is introducing Data Completeness, a new feature that gives customers actionable information on energy data coverage. With insights gleaned from Measurabl, customers can better understand where data gaps are so they can allocate time and resources toward initiatives that will give them a more complete picture of their building data. 

Data Completeness goes beyond other solutions in the market to provide visual insight on key metrics at the portfolio, building, and meter levels, all in one view:

  • Floor Area Coverage shows the share of floor area that has electricity data entered, with visuals to indicate which building spaces have electricity data entered and which do not. 
  • Meter Completeness shows the share of days within entered meters that have bill data, with visuals showing completeness for each meter. 

From the Data Completeness page in Measurabl, customers can:

  • Filter the listed buildings by property manager, primary property type, size, and location
  • Open a view showing a building’s spaces and meter assignments to identify whether and where meters need to be added
  • Open specific meters and begin adding data to fill gaps

Data completeness significantly benefits property managers as well, providing a clear, visual path to identify and add missing data for specific buildings, spaces, and meters. The new feature makes it easy for managers to flag and add missing data to improve the accuracy of their metrics for reporting and project decision-making.

Data Completeness is now available to all Measurabl customers. For a personalized walkthrough of Data Completeness and to see more of Mesaurabl’s new features in action, schedule a demo today.