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Product Spotlight: Flex Renewables

Commercial real estate firms are ramping up their investments in renewable electricity to pursue increasingly ambitious greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals. As more customers incorporate renewables in their sustainability strategies, they need better ways to track their renewable electricity purchases. 

Measurabl’s new Flex Renewables feature makes it easier than ever for customers to accurately track off-site renewables across all of their assets. Flex Renewables enables customers to flag a share of any electric meter’s usage as renewable, for any timeframe of their choosing. 

Though virtually all industries will play a role in global decarbonization, real estate is currently responsible for roughly 40 percent of all carbon emissions, so its actions have the potential to make a significant impact. Renewable electricity is a critical component of the decarbonization process, but not every building has the capacity or infrastructure available to produce its own wind, solar, or hydroelectric power onsite. 

Instead, Measurabl customers often incorporate renewable electricity by contracting with utilities to source a specific percentage of their electricity use from renewables. Others purchase renewable energy certificates (RECs) to claim a specific percentage of their electricity usage as renewable. Flex Renewables allows customers to more easily track these activities in Measurabl for more accurate energy and carbon emissions management and disclosure.

To see Flex Renewables and other Measurabl features in action, schedule a demo with us today.