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Corestate Capital Launches ESG Initiatives and Prepares for What’s Ahead

Measurabl helped the global investment manager establish a baseline for improvement

Corestate Capital Group is a Luxembourg-based integrated investment manager, covering the entire lifecycle of an investment. The company develops innovative, sustainable, and profitable investment solutions for its clients. Corestate combines its years of real estate expertise, market knowledge, and consideration of mega trends—including ESG (environmental, social, governance) principles—to achieve optimal performance and sustainable returns for its customers.

Corestate knew that ESG would drive the future of real estate. Justus Wiedemann, Corestate’s Sustainability Officer, predicted that soon, pressure to report ESG performance and meet certain standards would be driven not only by investors, but also by regulators in Europe. At the time, however, Corestate did not yet have the data it needed to start implementing and scaling its ESG efforts. The company needed a solution that would offer quick and reliable access to quality ESG data—and Wiedemann knew that technology was critical to achieving that goal.

Learn how Measurabl helped Corestate digitise its ESG approach.