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Measurabl Users Outrank Peers on 2017 GRESB Assessment

SAN DIEGO, CA (SEPTEMBER 19, 2017) – 2017 GRESB Real Estate Assessment Scores are out, and real estate owners who reported through Measurabl significantly increased their overall GRESB scores and outperformed their peers. Highlights from the report include:

  • $560B in asset value reported through Measurabl, 15% globally
  • 76% increased their score versus 2016
  • 59% outperformed their peers
  • 89% received a Green Star, 25% of which were first time recipients

Increasing investor pressure to disclose ESG performance has resulted in more real estate owners reporting on sustainability. More than 800 entities reported to GRESB in 2017, up from 759 last year. At the same time, this reporting activity has revealed the need for end-to-end sustainability management solutions to collect, analyze, and report the information. Measurabl processed reports on behalf of clients who manage $560 billion worth of real estate assets.

“From the initial onboarding process to the final submission, Measurabl made the GRESB reporting process easier, streamlined, and accurate,” said Laura Craft, Head of Global Sustainability at Heitman. “We’re pleased with our sustained years of improvement and Green Star distinction.”

The financial imperative behind ESG has increased exponentially, leading to a clear effort among medium and large companies to improve sustainability performance on benchmarks like GRESB. Most recently Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Research exposed the relationship between ESG performance and financial stability: companies in the top 20% of ESG ratings experienced the lowest volatility in earnings per share, whereas companies that performed in the bottom of ESG rankings averaged a startling 92% volatility.