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Clarifying the New GRESB Fees and Measurabl Subsidy

In previous years, the GRESB Real Estate Assessment was free to all with the option to purchase a membership with extra perks such as a better breakdown of where points were won or lost points. In the 2018 reporting season, GRESB Real Estate Assessment respondents must pay to submit.

The Real Estate Assessment now costs $4,100 per “entity” – a fund or a company – to report. Companies headquartered in Asia, Latin America, and Africa are exempt, but funds located in those areas with headquarters in applicable regions will need to pay the fee.

The new fees are an important step towards resourcing GRESB such that it can continue to deliver effective benchmarks to the industry at large. And since one of Measurabl’s core goals is to keep benchmarking affordable for all, we’re covering up to 100% of reporting costs for new Measurabl subscribers. Even those who sign up for our free “Basic” subscription will get a portion of their fee covered.

Get Your GRESB Fees Covered

To see how the changes affect you we prepared a table to help you compare non-membership vs. membership:

GRESB Real Estate Assessment Fee structure. Yellow notes when fee reaches the cap. All figures are in USD.
  • If you’re reporting on one entity/fund, it’s better to be a non-member unless you value the perks that come with membership.
  • If you’re reporting on 2 or more funds, membership is a no brainer because it saves you money and gives you some perks.
  • GRESB caps all fees at $23,550/yr whether you’re a member or not. We’ve highlighted where the cap kicks in above in yellow.
  • If you decline to do credit card payments in favor of an invoice, GRESB will add a $115 “admin” fee.

Have more questions about the new GRESB pricing structure? Schedule a meeting with one of Measurabl’s experts to walk you through the GRESB option that’s right for you.