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Measurabl Joins ECORE as ESG Solution Partner

Measurabl is pleased to announce that it is now an ESG Solution Partner for ECORE – the ESG-Circle of Real Estate, an emerging European initiative for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) compliance in real estate portfolios. 

Measurabl, the world’s most widely adopted ESG data management solution for real estate, adds ECORE to its list of industry partnerships. With customers in 90 countries representing 1 billion square metres of real estate, Measurabl has joined forces with other leading industry groups like the CRREM Project and GRESB to drive innovation, collaboration and decision making to create a sustainable world.

With buildings accounting for approximately one third of CO2 emissions, the importance of ECORE’s mission, focus, and reach is imperative. ESG is playing a prominent role in how real estate companies operate, and achievement of climate goals means businesses, governments, and society as a whole must become even more involved.

Founded in Germany in 2020, the members of the ECORE initiative have developed a scoring standard to make sustainability in real estate portfolios and assets transparent, measurable, and comparable; an ethos that is shared at the core of Measurabl’s value proposition. 

In addition to ESG metrics, the scoring also maps the EU taxonomy requirements, which further inform SFDR and NFRD regulations. Stakeholders (including investors, asset partners, banks, and insurance companies) can identify how well a property or portfolio meets climate targets and ESG criteria based on a percentage value from zero to 100. This benchmarking is critical to compare portfolios or individual buildings as a starting point for continuous optimisation toward a carbon neutral future.

“We are pleased to welcome Measurabl as a new Solution Partner at ECORE. As one of the leading ESG data management systems, Measurabl is an important interface partner for our members and supports the establishment and further development of ECORE scoring,” said Pia Hoffmann, Head of ESG, Project Manager at ECORE.

“Our partnership demonstrates Measurabl’s commitment and active participation in the ECORE initiative to develop a standard for ESG scoring and foster a collaborative network to provide better climate protection,” said Matt Ellis, CEO of Measurabl. “With customers across the globe, Measurabl has a unique perspective into developing sustainable initiatives and ESG implementation strategies due to complex processes, demanding timelines, and a lack of data insight that is complete, accurate, and timely. Measurabl is excited to share our expertise and best practice to inform the continuous development of the ECORE framework and support members to initiate the right measures to achieve their ESG goals.” 

By becoming an ECORE ESG Solution Partner, Measurabl joins a group of renowned industry leaders to provide expertise and best practice to support the implementation of ESG and sustainability requirements in the real estate sector. This collaboration between innovative members will undoubtedly help organisations across Europe and around the globe, achieve a more sustainable future.

Learn more about ECORE and members here.